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My Cats Own Me - History has some famous cat-lovers. Call them what you will, but I believe that anyone who loves their feline companion

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My Cats Own Me

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Manager: witchysharon
History has some famous cat-lovers. Call them what you will, but I believe that anyone who loves their feline companion as much as some of these cat admirers should be called, more appropriately, a slave. Someone who is in bondage to, and in servitude to, the very objects of their affection, the cat. The prophet Mohammed reportedly once cut off the sleeve of his robe in order not to wake his sleeping cat, Muezza, when he was called to prayer. Albert Schweitzer's cat, had a habit of falling asleep on his arm occasionally, causing the left-handed doctor to write prescriptions right-handed so as not to disturb her. This is a ring for anyone owned by, walked all over by, or a slave to, their companion cats!

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